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Dr Katayoun Sedaghat - Full CV

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Personal Information
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Full name Dr. Katayoun Sedaghat
Place of birth
Marital status -
Last field of study
Last university
Professional Information
Department Physiology group
Academic degree PhD
Assistant Professor
Employ Status Rasmy-Azmaieshy
Employ method Educational
Contact Information
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Country ایران
Brief CV
Educational records
# Course University City Country Graduation Date Total mean
1 BSc in Nursing Iran University of Medical Sciences Tehran Iran
2 Post-doctorate in Neuroscience Vanderbilit Nashville USA 2008-2012
3 MSc in Medical Physiology Shaide-Behseshti University Tehran Iran
4 PhD in Neuroscience The University of Melbourne Melbourne Australia 2008
Professional skills
# Title Date of activity
1 PCR and Designing oligonucleotides for ISH and PCR 2005
2 DNA cloning and recombinent technique 2010
3 western blot 2010
4 In situ Hybridization histochemistry 2005
5 tissue preparation and staining 2005
6 Behavioral tests : rodent self-administration of addictive drugs, locomotor activity and open field 2005
7 Immunohistochemistry 2009
8 radio-ligand binding 2005
9 subcutaneous insertion of infusion pumps 2009
10 intrajugular line insertion for preparing rodents for psychostimulant drug infusion 2009
11 Chronic constriction injury model in production neurophatic injury to induce peripheral pain 1378
12 stereotaxic surgery 2005
13 IV,IP,SC, intracranial) rodent injections 1378
14 Animal handling and rodent gavage 1378
15 Professional article writing and edition 1379
Research interests
# Title Start date
1 Neuroendocrinology-GPCR system receptors 2004
2 Dopamine reward system 2009
3 Neuropsychiatric disorders 2011
Published articles
# Paper title Writer Magazine title Publish year Publish type Article type
1 Intrauterine programming Sedaghat K-Zahediasl S- Ghasemi A. Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences 2015 Full Text Full Text
2 Gestational hypothyroidism-induced changes in L-type calcium channels of rat aorta smooth muscle and their impact on the responses to vasoconstrictors Sedaghat K-Zahediasl S- Ghasemi A. Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences 2015 Full Text Full Text
3 The impact of prenatal exposure to a single dose of testosterone on insulin resistance, glucose tolerance and lipid profile of female rat's offspring in adulthood Noroozzadeh M- Ramezani Tehrani F- Sedaghat k- Godini A- Azizi F. Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 2015 Full Text Full Text
4 The Attenuation of Pain Behavior and Serum COX-2 Concentration by Curcumin in a Rat Model of Neuropathic Pain Moini Zanjani T- Ameli H- Labibi F- Sedaghat K- Sabetkasaei M. Korean Journal of Pain 2014 Full Text Full Text
5 Relaxin family peptides and receptors in mammalian brain Gundlach AL- Ma S- Sang Q- Shen PJ- Piccenna L-Sedaghat K- Smith CM- et al. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2009 Full Text Full Text
6 Effect of unilateral lesion of the nigrostriatal dopamine pathway on survival and neurochemistry of parafascicular nucleus neurons in the rat--evaluation of time-course and LGR8 expression Sedaghat K- Finkelstein DI- Gundlach AL Brain Research 2009 Full Text Full Text
7 Leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor 8 in the rat brain: Enrichment in thalamic neurons and their efferent projections Sedaghat K- Finkelstein DI- Gundlach AL Neuroscience 2008 Full Text Full Text
8 Reversibility of of Physical and Psychological Stress Effects on Contractility of Isolated Aorta and Serum Corticosteron Levels One Month After Stress in Rat A Ghasemi- F Faraji- F Valaee- K Sedaghat- S Zahedi Asl Iranian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2008 Full Text Full Text
Journals Editorial Board
# Magazine Title Date of Cooperation & Explanations
1 Koomesh-English editor 1393
conference reviewer
# Conference Title Date of Cooperation & Explanations
1 Physiology and Pharmacology International meeting
## Journal Referee
# Magazine Title Date of Cooperation & Explanations
1 PlusOne
2 Koomesh
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